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Any content here is fanciful, based on consent and representation (acting).

Content returning to humiliation, bdsm, strange fetishes welcome to you think your fetish is strange? Don\’t worry just check out our channel and group you can send media and view them chat open 24 hours a day with moderation!

Would you have the courage to stay in the telegram group xxx hard/extreme kink
A bdsm group with strong videos, it is only for those who have a heavy fantasy on telegram xxx, there are young girls being judged, the group was born on 01/06/2021 and contains 40 videos, we find it very low for the age of the group and the image has 73, also very low, but it is enough for you to live the bdsm fetish.

Notes from the group Putaria telegram xxx hard/extreme kink
Cover : 6,5

Although the cover shows that the content needs to be more professional.

Content: 8.5

The group was supposed to be a full 10, but the lack of it due to his age left it wanting.

Interaction: 6.5

Group with only reactions, should have more, due to the fact that many want to talk about fantasy.

Final score of the telegram group hard/extreme kink: 7,16

The group really has interest in its proposal, but it seems that the admin leaves and comes back several times.

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