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The channel Putaria Telegram porn groups +18 Caseira is a very old one, it was created on 26/08/2023 or almost 1 year already and with more than 5900 members, but it only has 178 videos and they are very weak when it comes to time, and images are only 58.
Let\’s take a look at the notes on the Telegram +18 Homemade porn channel
Let\’s now take a closer look at this Telegram +18 Homemade Porn channel, and see what it offers the user.

Cover: 6.5

more details missing

Content: 3.5

Quite short, and for the time it lacks more

Interaction: 6.5

only reactions.

Telegram channel xxx Homemade final score: 5.5
The telegram channel xxx Caseira 69, had a score of 5.5, a very weak channel.

Telegram channel
No Zoophilia
No PV Invasion
No Pack Sales
No Links
No Penis Pictures

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