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Trans Tropicais 2.0

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Trans Tropicais 2.0

Join the best Trans whore channel on telegram right now, there are hundreds of videos of the best Tgatas in Brazil and the world, take advantage and invite your friends to join too, daily update of videos and photos

About the xxx Telegram Porn Groups channel +18 Trans Tropicais 2.0
We entered the channel xxx telegram +18 Trans Tropicais 2.0 is a channel for a fetish that many are looking for, the channel was born on, 26/04/2024 and is very active with more than 790 videos, some even have a long time, and some images that accompany them, but not everything is flowers, the channel has a link that we did not click, but it must be for some kind of sale.

Telegram channel notes putaria Trans Tropicais 2.0
Cover: 7.5

Average cover, just advertises the group, but more is missing.

Content: 10

Very good, with a good tempo, and frequent

Interaction: 6.25

Only reactions, not much to go on.

Final score of the telegram porn group Trans Tropicais 2.0 : 7.91

Good for your fetish, we recommend getting to know the channel

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