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Onlyfans of Novinhas

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Onlyfans of Novinhas

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The Telegram porn groups channel VAZADINHOS +18
On the telegram porn channel VAZADINHOS +18 is active, 21/03/2024 is active, with more than 1.5k active members, however the group is closed only for reactions, with 210 videos, very weak with many records and with 170 images accompanying these small excerpts, the group is active for sales only.

Telegram channel notes xxx VAZADINHOS +18
Cover: 7.5

A highlight, but the cover doesn\’t say much about it.

Content: 8.5

Lots of records and not enough videos.

Interaction: 6.5

Only reactions, more to come.

Final score for the XxX Telegram channel VAZADINHOS +18 : 7.5
Another group that\’s only interested in sales, and has little interest in the member.

No pack sales
No Links
No penis pictures

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