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official empires

official empires

What you\’ll find in the telegram porn groups official empires
The group was born on 02/19/2024 with a lot of media, the group contains a mix of manga, anime, only, leaked or a mix of everything, it has an average of 5800 videos some complete others previews, and images are 11800 images of good quality, despite being a mix, it seems to us that the adm is a little lost in the focus of the content.

Let\’s take a look at the Telegram +18 official empires scores
Cover 2,5

The cover shows an anime, but the content is totally messed up, so the cover doesn\’t convey the reality of the group.

Content: 4

The content is a bit lost, sometimes there\’s hentai, sometimes there\’s only anime, and since only the admits post, it doesn\’t seem to focus on just one subject.

Interaction: 9.5

There\’s room for reactions and comments.

Telegram group final score putaria official empires : 5.3
A weak and messy group, join and satisfy your curiosity.

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No PV Invasion
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No Penis Pictures

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