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Naughty E-Girls

Naughty E-Girls

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We joined the group E-Girls Safadas telegram +18
Well the group is new was born 18/05/2024 and contains very little video 8 only, and two photos the video are small previews, if you are looking for a group of E-Girls Safadas we think that this is not interesting, because it is a group just to gather members and send to another group, a list group, to another group, so we do not know if that is what you are looking for, an infinite list of groups.

Let\’s take a look at the scores

Cover: 10

Stylized and appropriate for the group.

Content: 2

Not much to judge by: short previews and few videos

Interaction: 0

The only interaction the adm wants is to add members, without any experience for the user.

The final score for the E-Girls Safadas porn group: 4

We don\’t recommend you join this group, it\’s of terrible quality, with nothing but an interest in gathering members.

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