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Cunts and pussies

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Cunts and pussies

Forbidden : links, CP, Gore, spam, fights and any illegal content.PV of the owner available

Bi group, to chat and send hetero, gay, lesbian, trans porn, let\’s make out
You can send nudes and enjoy the cocks and pussies in the group.

Don\’t invade PV without permission.

What do you find in a gay porn groups?
We went into the group and found a mixture of everything, if you\’re straight and looking for a group of sluts, this isn\’t for you, despite having girls you\’ll find an invasion of gays, so be warned, if you don\’t know how to play don\’t join this group.

for those of you who are into bi, trisal kissing, here in this porn group, the fucking is going on, lesbian girls, other bi girls, gay and bi boys too, the gay fucking is going on freely between them, in the group there are 175 videos and 78 photos, it\’s at the very beginning, you\’ll also find 18 members, it\’s quite low, but you can make a sincere friendship, the group was born this month, so there\’s still a lot to get to know…

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No Zoophilia
No PV invasion
No Pack Sales
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