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Hello, welcome to the METFLIX Porn Network group!!!
We\’re the biggest and NEWEST group of leakers in Brazil…

Over 5,000 media of exclusive content from the most sought-after women on the internet.

With weekly updates of more than 1,000 media!!!

What do we think of this porn groups
We joined the group and we have to say:

The group has only been active for a few days, but it has a lot of unpublished videos, hard to find, good quality images and almost 400 users.

It seems that the adm updates the content, but it\’s very mixed, it\’s not just about incest, with 92 photos and 227 videos, the group is based on selling through the bot.

The Telegram whoring bot.
This will be the bot\’s copy:

\”Meet the real incest videos
that are off the internet

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