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Welcome to you who are here in our little adult corner for anyone who has the same desire about our subject.

          I don\’t know you and I certainly don\’t know anything about your life, just as you probably have no idea about mine. But in case this desire is contained, I inform you that you are not the only person in this same boat. And believe me, there are many people in the same situation in our country.

          Before I go any further, I want to make it clear that you are not in our group. This little corner here is just a channel and that\’s all it is. A lot of people send me messages with questions like \”why can\’t I send a message in the group?\” and so on. etc. Not all of them came from cdc but from any adult site where they found our corner, many of these people didn\’t even know Telegram and ended up installing it just to be here with us, so it\’s normal to end up not knowing the platform.

          In a channel like the one you\’re in at the moment, you can\’t \”do anything\”. You can\’t send messages or even see who the other people are who are here with you. All you can do is receive the silly posts that I leave here. Nothing else. Yes, there is our private group and yes, it\’s also here on Telegram, but it\’s not in this corner where you are.

          Our group, like our channel, is aimed at an adult audience. It\’s where we maintain all the friendship and so on about our subject. It\’s where we get together to talk, share and whatever else we want about our deepest selves, where there are only grown-up, mature and responsible people. There is no room for mischief, our respect and integrity are of the utmost responsibility.

          This little corner here is also a reserve in case we need it. I\’ll leave you the link to our main channel where we\’ll meet. In any case, enjoy this desire and pleasure:


Sincerely and with great affection: @DMTrunks

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