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Dark Knight Entertainment Inc.

Dark Knight Entertainment Inc.

Offers you…

ELITE THE GROUP🔑…. 90% of the content of BUZZCAST🎗️, always updated with the best lives that are happening at the moment….

All these groups start at r$ 50

King of Lives group, a great collection with 51k lives, 2 years of everything that came out on periscope and other live apps… This one does not have an update, maybe in the future with the garimpo that was done this year….



Dark Knight thank you for your attention and I wish you a good time.

Dark Knight Entertainment Inc.

Dark Knight Entertainment Inc.

I accept PicPay and PIx, or ask me for another form of payment….

Just call @Dark KnightTrevass 🦇

My PIx password, on behalf of Marciliano José dos Santos on PicPay





On behalf of Maria Aparecida


After 30 days, a monthly fee of R$ 20 is charged…

Send the voucher to


Thank you.

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